How A.I and Blockchain will Shape Up SEO and Digital Marketing

Businesses will be ready for Web 3.0 and web 4.0 evolution which is connecting all devices in the real and virtual world in real-time.

In a few years we will be witnessed to the web 4.0 aka smart web when SEO will be less time consuming and easy. Defamation will be more ineffective and targeted bullying against brands, politicians, influencers and individuals will lose its power on social network.

Since some advertising tools is equipped with Blockchain technology, there will be some improvements in digital marketing processes. Here are some insights on how artificial intelligence and Blockchain will shape up SEO and digital marketing.

    • User engagement: Natural user engagement on your page will be one of the important ranking factors in Google. If you get all the SEO factors right but your page has less engagement, it affects your ranking
    • Link building: It still matters however if you modify your template very often it affects your keyword ranking. Your keyword will fluctuate more in search engine results. It depends on the competitiveness of the keyword or key phrase
    • Tools: Blockchain and artificial intelligence tools will sell more than none A.I ones.
    • Social networks: The ones which have already implemented A.I and machine learning in their algorithm will help a website’s rank higher in search engines. Therefore businesses who are active on social media sites will get better ranking in search engines. The trend will be mainly related to  Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo and LinkedIn
    •  Paid Social Advertising: More companies will invest on social advertising.Many more agencies will be using mostly Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram advertising for their products and services, therefore many social software will sell more. By social software I mean the ones which get users more natural and real followers.
    • Governments investment on A.I and Blockchain: This will influence on shaping up marketing and investment in Europe and North America. France pledged to spend $1.5 billion towards AI development, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her plans for a national AI strategy is likely to be over £1 billion (equals to $1.3 billion) USA plan to add $2 more billion on A.I projects. Because the Department of Defense aka DoD is losing to great power rivals like Russia and China in the race to embrace artificial intelligence.MIT is investing $1 billion of $2 billion. The United Kingdom (UK) will invest £4.7 billion on A.I and robotics. These investments will help tech companies to have more money  to invest on marketing their products and as a result A.I tools will empower digital marketing sector along with its processes such as SEO.
    • Content marketing:  Google measures user and websites’ data in order to determine user performance this is why Google will give more prominence to websites which have more user engagement. A portion of these key measurements include user’s time spent on a page, click-through rates, return visits, page speed, mobile friendliness and inner pages performance. If a website has an original research content, it gets higher ranking in Google
    • Video marketing: Video and podcast curation on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will increase sales and search engine ranking.
    • Drip feed: it will play important role in keyword ranking. The longer the drip feed process the better ranking your page gets. Make sure not to rely only on drip feed. Because if you stop using it, your ranking will drop.
    • Social sharing:  sharing  and engagement on all platforms simultaneously will increase ranking a sub-page in Google and the other search engines including Yandex (en). As for Baidu,  they use a different trend in ranking due to censorship in China. This means you cannot expect the same ranking you are getting in search engines in Baidu search engine.
    • Keyword Ranking:  It will be very difficult due to Google A.I and machine learning algorithms. Google search engine engineers keep changing the search algorithm which affects on keyword performance in search results on both local and global level. Google local search engines function way too bad.  Here is an example of Google’s errors:

search engine land index problem

Search engine land has been functional for many years all of sudden it got deindexed. It could be a mistake like its owner claims or a glitch in their backend. This can happen to your website too. There were a lot of speculations around it, so they got panicked and asked Googlers on Twitter what could be wrong:

And then check out what John Muller says:

I don’t blame John Muller, he works at Google and has to be conservative, the same as Matt Cutts was when he worked as the head of Google webspam a few years ago. A user who runs Screeming frog ( a SEO tool ) on Twitter responded the following:

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]

Then one of members responded to Barry Schwartz that Google’s hacked statement is wrong and Google is misleading. I agree with Peter on Google being misleading.However I trust Barry. He is an honest man and doesn’t need to lie about it. When something like this happens to a website, you wonder why and what can be wrong. So these guys got the website back online because of having some connections at Google. If it was your website. you should have kissed goodbye that domain. Do you still trust Google search engine with all these crap happening?

[thumbnail target=”_self” src=””]

This is why the whole process confuses search engine optimizers.  If you change your layout, your keyword ranking will fluctuate no matter how many backlinks you create for the page. If you add a new article, your keyword will drop a few positions. Long story short, ranking a keyword will be more difficult and frustrating. I recommend relying on content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing. You will still make money: wink! wink!

    • AI SEO tools: They will sell more (depending on their advertising and marketing budgets and spend). Since Google search engine and Google private browsing ( incognito) are still registering your IP, search activities and private data, you will not see  the accurate keyword positioning on local and global search system. Using dynamic or cross IP won’t show you the real result either. Because Google registers your ISP. Therefore A.I SEO tools will sell more because they will give you  better statistics of keyword ranking and positioning.
    • Search marketing: Paid promotion channels will help with your website’s exposure
    • Influencer marketing Collaborating with influencers will drive more traffic to websites. This is why many smart companies around the world will be using it in order to maximize their brand exposure
    • Integrating video and images: Adding videos and high quality images to articles will help with increasing conversion rate and CTR.Many businesses will do that.
    • Editors: Collaboration with personal editors will be trend
    • Content marketing and curation: Paid content on websites with high domain authority will work if you drive traffic to it otherwise it will be a signal for Google penalty. If it does use my Google Penalty recovery service, I will fix it for you.
    • Negative SEO: spam and blackhat SEO will still work. This means spammy websites can rank in Google
    • Google PPC: Low budget Google Ads PPC won’t generate sales. This is due to Google ads ‘new algorithm. Wherever your country is located, if the budget is less than $5000/month (calculate with your country’s currency conversion), you won’t see much sales no matter how beautifully your PPC ads are managed.
    •  Increase  in startup business: More ecommerce websites will be created in Europe and North America. This means many people will start their startup companies. I am not sure about Asia as my research area has been focused on Europe and North America.

A.I Marketing Platform is the world’s first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing Platform. Built from the ground up with AI, he is a truly autonomous machine that requires little human manipulation and is able to execute seamlessly across all paid channels.

Here are some takeaways:

Web design and Plugin Improvement: 

– Create A.I page speed plugins that are compatible with AI search engines. The current page speed plugins are useless and give error in Google search console aka Google Webmaster tools

– Make Google A.I compatible review plugin. Current review plugins have problem.Adding review plugin helps with ranking.  I tested all of  them. The ones which work better still have bug issues. Users are too busy to wait for your plugin to work, so create better ones.

– Make Google A.I friendly multipurpose wordpress templates. Don’t call the name multipurpose, make it multipurpose for real. Buyers have become smarter, they won’t buy it if you just give it a sales driven name. Beautiful design and voice search friendliness are important in increasing sales of templates and Google Ads (Adwords) landing pages. Currently we don’t have real AI search engine friendly landing page in the market. This is why businesses are exhausting their budgets on Pay Per Click (PPC) cause of their landing page issues. Good for Google though and bad for companies.



Add deep learning and machine learning to A.I chatbot algorithm.Your chatbots must identify human’s emotions and respond to them. Show empathy by building chatbots to manage most common customer problems.Phone, Internet providers and banks must invest on such chatbots. Currently the most users of chatbots are Asian companies such as:India,China, South Korea etc. due to high volume of customer inquiries ( min. 5k) on daily basis. They really should start thinking of creating intelligent chatbots.

Blockchain shape up SEO

Companies within supply chain management, quality assurance, voting, accounting, smart contracts, fintech, banking, stock exchange, bitcoin, energy supply and Human Resources are taking benefits from Blockchain technology. I have already worked on a recruitment business project and provided blockchain and A.I strategies and system development.

By using blockchain in link building we can facilitate SEO link building process in search engine optimization process. We can also use Blockchain technology in email marketing.

Is there any SEO tool in the market that uses blockchain combined with A.I? No. But if it comes to the market it will shape up SEO. If anybody needs me to design and engineer such tool, give me a call or email me so we take it from there.


Since online shopping has become more convenient for users thanks to advancement in mobile and app technologies, more people will buy products and services online. More highstreet stores will close down and turn to online businesses. Will this hurt countries ‘economy? Governments should find a way to improve their economy. But people will have more money and increase in income.  I believe the more startups and small businesses take power, the stronger a country’s economy will become. It all depends on each country’s taxation regulation and systems.

Startups and small businesses should seriously invest on their online marketing and digital advertising. The technology professionals who work on blockchain projects or blockchain inspired assignments will create tools which help with content marketing.

However blockchain-based networks will take a longer time to materialize and get us all ready for Web 4.0 evolution. The sooner Web 4.0 comes the faster Google and social networks will lose their power and users will take over. There will be no more Twitter censorship, no more Facebook trying to sell our private data to governments, no more online fake reviews, no more defamation on Reddit,blogs generated on Free and no more getting distracted by Google’s confused search engine algorithms which give errors in Google local search results due to A.I and machine learning process development.Currently Google lacks good quality.  The majority of ecommerce businesses around the world want to rank in Google and Google local isn’t well developed enough. Google My Business, Google maps, Google Books, Google Play have problems in their backends. For example in Google local ” Google play” lacks adding a new payment function, it gives error as soon as you add a new bank in there and Google’s staff can’t fix it.  People are complaining and Google’s products are losing their quality due to mass production and employing amateur and bad-mannered staff in their early 20s and of course giving all inquiries to call centers in India to handle people’s problems which go unresolved.  Everything depends on excellent programming skills in order to get an A.I search engine work properly. For more information read my article about web 3.0 the smart web.

All these dysfunctional performances in Google, Data Breaches, data monopolization and censorship in social network is getting us all ready for web 4.0.

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