Link building SEO Strategies

In this article I want to talk about Link building SEO Strategies.

Why Should You Build Back links gradually and steadily

Online businesses look for ways to get better results in order to rank their websites. They wish to improve their site’s standing and get better rankings in search engines. Before you even begin, you have to realize that you are competing against hundreds, and in some categories, thousands of websites offering similar products and services. When you build back links, you have to tweak both your website and link profile. In this article we are going to talk about link building strategy and its correlation with social media marketing along with reviewing three link building examples. Please note that the numbers keep changing since Google is a dynamic search engine. So if you read this article next year, you may see different search result data.


Make sure your keywords are strategically placed on your landing page

Putting your important keywords in Meta tags is not enough. Some search engines hardly use the meta tags and look more to the copy on the page. Make sure that your important copy is in the first paragraph of text, in headlines (using headers such as H1, H2, H3) and in the active or clickable portions of link text on your page. If you want to improve your search engine positioning for all the pages of your website then you have to make sure that these pages actually get indexed or included in the search engines. You can help this process along by making a site map, a web page that has text links to all the sub pages of your site.

Correlation between social media marketing and link building

There is a correlation between link building and social media marketing today. Social media marketing is the important ingredient of your online marketing campaign. Link building without applying the other SEO strategies will not work in a long-run. Make sure to include social media optimization and content marketing in your link building SEO campaign. You gain both humans and search engines’ trust. Marketing your products and services on social media increases your brand awareness about your business.

Challenges of Marketing Through Social Media

Businesses should be aware of certain facts in their promotional campaigns on social media.

  •  Make sure your promotion is welcomed on social media websites. Interact with those who comment and compliment your services. If some users like your post and compliment, make sure to reply and thank them for their comments.
  • Don’t post excessive promotional campaign in one session. If you are posting 10 familiar campaigns in one day, it will be considered as spamming. For example sending unsolicited tweets via private messaging to individuals and pointing each account “@JohnDoe check out this website …” are also considered spamming. What should you do? You can either use twitter’s paid campaign or use hashtags. Include two important hashtags.
  • Don’t be afraid of marketing. Not all promotional campaigns are considered spamming unless you are promoting under the wrong community and group. For example if you are posting your kindle book on Facebook, make sure that you are posting under book marketing group on Facebook.

Increase the quantity and quality of inbound links

Many so called “experts” imply that quantity is not important. That is a pure nonsense. Quantity of good quality links is absolutely important for ranking a website online.

Link profiles

Let’s do a comparison among three links for term “SEO”on
A) Domain “SearchEngineLand» for this link:

It has 45792 referring links pointing to this page for key phrase “What is SEO” and keyword “SEO” and the number of referring domains with Broad Keyword Match is 1311.They also get their back links from certain add-on and plug-ins which they spread all over Internet. These types of tools are distributed via browsers as well.This is called link injection. Google forbids this type of link building.

The position of this link for term SEO is #1.(top positions are not always stable. It will change in time. Google’s results are not static.)

As soon as someone posts an article on this domain, they run it through bunch of RSS feeds and inject links on Wikipedia and other addons. This is how they secure their keyword positioning in Google. They also spread these articles via their newsletter and social media sites.
B) Domain webopedia for this page

for term “SEO” the number of referring domains with broad Keyword Match is 309 and the total numbers of referring domains are 645. Their position for keyword “SEO” on is #8.

Now this link

for keyword ” SEO”. They got 817134 domains that are pointing to this page and 759 are domains with broad keyword match.

The position of this link for keyword “SEO” on is #4.

These data may change in a year or two. But right now this is what i get through my own SEO tool ( Majo3).

Should you increase your link profile ‘s quantity?

Based on the analysis of back link profiles of these three pages, you have to check how many links you need in order to achieve top 10 ranking for term “SEO” in Google USA ( However you should pay attention to the fact that if you build back links and spend around $10000 to get your website in top #10, is it worth your investment? We do not 100% rely on generic search result for keywords and phrases on anymore.

Here is why: for example if you write “SEO” on you will see 350 000 000 search results. This is not the result which generates sales. We apply our own in-house tools in order to determine what keyword or key phrase is profitable based on its true search result. Our source of sales come from content marketing, social media marketing and Pay Per Click on Google and Facebook.

Targeted prospects type on search engines key phases in order to find the right service.

Back to your link profile strategy. Along with measuring SEO value, you should also look at potential marketing value outside of SEO when assessing link quality. Nothing is impossible. You can achieve top ranking for any keyword or key phrase you want, but these keywords and phrases should be profitable for your business. Thus ranking a keyword or key phrase should be worth spending time and money.

What  back links are good for your website?

Keep in mind one important principle: quality of links is important. You need good quantity of good quality websites.

Acquiring for example: 400 organic high TF, CF, DA back links on monthly basis, will increase your ranking and as a result sales. One good link from an authority site is worth more than hundreds of links from other sites.

Small businesses prefer inexpensive seo tools, Google Analytics and Google Search Console aka Google webmasters tool. Major player companies are developing their own in house SEO and PPC tools. Many webmasters block these websites’ crawlers under their domains and implement more codes in order to hide their website’s back links and profile from these SEO tools.

If you use seo software tools which show back link profile for your business, your competitor will see them as well. Result? You get outranked by your competitors. These tools encourage negative SEO. Google can’t fix negative SEO.

How can you give one way back links to all these bloggers, SEO companies and not getting outranked? Nofollow attribute also counts, but Google’s rule says add it to sites which you give one way back links to.

With every one way back link you give to another website, you share a part of your domain’s authority with that site. You gotta get your links from somewhere, right?


The other day this Russian guy who runs an SEO business in the U.S contacted me and asked me to build links for his client’s German and Dutch websites. He wanted to pay way under budget. I refused because when we build quality backlinks we do all manually and spend 12 hours a day on each project, we don’t accept bulk orders because we care about quality.  This is not a fruit market, it’s link building SEO which is really time consuming.

Since the guy runs black hat SEO, he thought it would cost $300/month. I refused to accept his project, and then he fetched some useless keywords from my German domain and asked for explanation as to why my own link in German did not rank in Germany for those keywords. I wrote I don’t rank useless keywords which are not profitable.

I am a very patient and calm person, but he was crossing the line and wasting my time with useless discussion. I don’t know why some people want my attention. Anyway! He claimed he makes millions of dollars and is good at what he is doing.

The man was an amateur. I did a background check and found out he was sued by his clients, because he got their money and did not deliver. He had an old fashioned faulty website with pictures of two Russian women (with pornographic outfit) in the middle selling so called “cheap SEO”. Their smallest package costs $4500. The footer of his website was filled with logos from fortune 500 companies which were obviously fake to trap naïve businesses to buy his SEO.  I found one of my client’s logo there, so i contacted the client and asked if he knew this Russian guy and did his company do SEO on his website. My client told me he’s never heard of this company.

Anyway! The guy got mad at me because I refused his project. I also found out that he got some fraud cases at BBB.

Sorry for digressing. Back to link building SEO.

If you want to get quality links, there is no short cut. You will have to earn it by having a site that provides a lot of useful information.

The usage of keywords only looks very unnatural because:

  • Natural links don’t include only keywords
  • Natural links may include URL of your website
  • Natural links include other words like “visit website” or “click here”

Google increases rankings of your website only if it thinks that the links are created naturally. If Google doesn’t believe that the links are natural, then it simply doesn’t give them any value, so they do not influence your rankings.


Search Engine Developments

The challenge of improving your website ranking and search engine positioning is dynamic. Search engines are not static. Most of the big search engines of yesterday have disappeared or are only minor players today. If you do not have the expertise or the time to tackle these matters by yourself then you should take advantage of SEO experts who can help improve your website’s performance in search engines. Whether you rely on professionals or are able to do it yourself, these tips can provide a good point of reference for starting the work.