Getting Smart With Google Adwords PPC

They say if you create a PPC ad, you increase sales immediately. Well that’s a lie.There are many strategies involved. Google Adwords algorithm has become more sophisticated than before which makes PPC tools semi effective.Today many media and marketing agencies know technically how to run a Google Adwords campaign, however landing sales right off the bat requires applying certain sales strategies.

You may get all the PPC methods right and get top ranked in Google Adwords sponsor ads across mobile and desktop search results, however landing sales is a whole different ball game.Your competitors keep clicking on your ads in order to exhaust your daily budget. So what can be the problem? It all comes down to use of sales techniques.
When people do not buy from you or your client, it is because they do not want the product or service you are offering. Why don’t they buy? You have to look at many criteria such as: your ad copy,landing page, sales pitch and the psychology of a buyer behavior in the local search marketing engine.

When you run your ad, before you know it, your competitors exhaust your ad, so you have to place more money so that your ads keep running. Sometimes Google Adwords bots click at yours ads. This is due to the algorithm’s behavior, without clicking at the ad, the Adwords system won’t be able to rank your ad. There are more commands in Google Adwords algorithm. Sometimes businesses and consumers do not buy because they do not have or cannot get the money necessary to purchase. They usually do not purchase because they decide buying something else which is more important to them.

This does not mean that you should stop running your ads. The more your ads are visible online, the higher possibility to land sales. You have to use money to make money.

How to increase sales? In your ad copy you should make  it clear for your targeted prospects that buying your product or service will get rid of something they do not want or will get them something they do want or will get them more of something they already have that they like having.  This is the fundamental of sales strategy when writing an ad copy in any language. This is why you do need a multilingual PPC ad manager to write your ad copy in local search.

You have to create the need. 

Another problem is that many businesses don’t bid on their brand which is a big mistake. If you don’t bid on your brand, your competitor does.

If you are a start-up business or running your company for a couple of years, you have to bid on your brand. Don’t focus on sales, because it won’t happen. People don’t know you and your company, so they don’t buy from you. Why do you think big brands keep paying for their names on advertising channels? Because branding is important.
Why would they do that? Because a company’s brand is the most important part of a business.This is why competitors target your brand.This is why a logo may cost up to $300.000. It is just a logo,they can make it with $50, right?

It is your job to get your people and businesses to see that your products and services give or get them what they really want. Consumers and businesses sometimes  avoid buying something because they do not have the money needed to make the purchase. They avoid buying what you offer because they place a higher priority on spending money for something else.

Here is a million dollar question, how to make people buy what you’re selling? You have done all the technical stuff right, you wrote the best ad copy ever, your ads are top ranked, so why don’t they buy?

  • Be patient and keep cool.
  • Find converting landing pages and test them 
  • Narrow down your ad copy. It is easy to fall in love with your own ads. 
  • Don’t throw your money on less converting qualified leads
  • Choose remarketing to capture those who showed interest but did not buy
  • Run social media along with your PPC. It works like a charm 
  • Apply emotional marketing strategy. Many big brands use emotional marketing. Take L’oreal as an example: Do women really need to buy bunch of new beauty products? I bet many of them have a lot of different foundations, lipsticks, why do they buy? Because many businesses within the realm of clothing, beauty products and car apply emotional marketing in native advertisement and sponsor PPC ads.
  • Trim your ad and lose your bad performers in local search.
  • Refine your strong ad copies across locations if you are running a multilingual PPC campaign
  • Strengthen the ad which is converting or close to conversion
  • When using a search marketing company for your multilingual PPC campaign, make sure they have the language, cultural experience. Only hiring a translator is not enough. Without knowing adwords, local language and cultural buying behavior, your ads won’t convert to sales easily.  You need people who understand the language, algorithm and culture of buyer behavior in local search. This is very important! You do need experts by your side and should not run your campaigns on your own if you are a business ecommerce owner.
  • Change your landing page by moving different items on your page. Sometimes turning a yellow button to red can make a huge difference.
  • Never run your ads on autopilot. Apply manual action on tweaking the ads.
  • Write on the paper and put this in front of your desk: “Play Smarter!” This is a good trigger.

Happy Advertising Folks!