Tips on Boosting Sales and Profit During COVID-19 Pandemic

Looking for boosting sales and profit during COVID-19 pandemic? Covid-19 has been a blessing in disguise in regards to improvements in climate change, economic growth for online small business owners especially within health sector and digital goods. Consumers around the world have no choice but buying online instead of going to department stores and purchase whatever they need. Companies like Amazon made online grocery shopping available in certain countries. This has helped those who are in lockdown buy their groceries online.

As for health many private clinics in Europe and North America have seen a magnificent economic growth. Let’s take health in Norway as an example. Daniel Sørli Co-founder and CEO of Dr.Dropin came up with the idea of making medical care easier which led him to become billionaire in a short amount of time.

How that happened? In Norway every patient has his/her own doctor called (fastlege), so this company came up with an idea of reducing waiting time. This is how Daniel Sørli started to compete with the Norwegian public health sector, so he resigned from his day job as a doctor and started his small clinic in 2017 in Oslo, then more doctors and investors welcomed his idea and joined him.

In March, when the pandemic hit Norway, many industries were affected, and large parts of Norway stopped just like any country in Europe and North America. There was also a slowdown in the health service such as: many emergency rooms and public doctor’s clinics. At the same time, many people had to have video consultations with doctors.

People were wondering about the pandemic and their own health situation. While the volume into the clinic fell quite significantly, but we also saw a clear decline during the corona, so the company came up with the idea of establishing clinics around the country in order to provide health services to people without having to wait in long queues. This genies idea tripled the company’s income today thanks mainly to COVID-19 situation.

With so many players vying for people’s limited attention and budgets, optimizing your customers’ web experience should be a top priority.

The company has grown at record speed, and more than doubled its turnover from 13.7 million in 2018 to 36.8 million Norwegian kroner in 2019. In 2021, Dr. Dropin signed ten more new clinics. The valuation of Dr. Dropin in the most recently is 300 million Norwegian kroner equals to $35902500.00 and £25 552 779,00 and is growing higher!

Covid-19 a blessing in disguise for online small business

It has been said that what matters is not what you sell but how you promote it. So, the secret to success lays within your small business’s marketing techniques. That’s why it is very important for business owners to develop skills which allow them to increase the sales of their products.

One of the most important skills you must have is the ability to reach a lot of people quickly this is what Dr. Dropin concept did. To do this you need to realize how powerful media is and how it can drastically increase your revenues.

Content is the king

One of the simplest yet most overlooked methods to advertise to millions in the Internet is just content itself. Whether you own a blog, newsletter, or web site, what really matters is what you offer your visitors once they get there. What motivates them to browse through your pages and keep coming back for more?

No matter how effective can your marketing strategies be, if your potential customers do not receive anything valuable to them once they get to your pages, then they will leave and go somewhere else.

So, whatever you do, make sure you never bore your visitors. Make their experience as pleasurable, unique, and joyous as possible, so they keep coming back and reading your ads, then eventually after a few visits they will start buying from you.

Most successful web masters offer a lot of free valuable content on their web sites. Surfers find their sites looking for free information, but they see the ads and many of them buy the products. Think about it, content is anything that could be valuable to your prospects. It can be images, sound, music, information, orientations, reviews, etc.

You don’t have to give away your best pearls for free, but by providing good, free content to others you cannot imagine how much your exposure will increase Online as well as Offline. Furthermore you will get word of mouth advertising which in my opinion is the most effective of all.

To have your own discussion group is wonderful because your visitors keep coming back to check if someone else have posted a reply to their messages. That keeps an interactive community within your site to which you can advertise to regularly.

They may also read other reviews or articles that you may include on your pages which can lead them to specific products or more direct advertisement. Search engines like forums too, because forums provide fresh valuable content to online users on a daily basis.

Remember, give your visitors good free content and they will keep coming back. They will also tell their friends about you and link to your pages so you will receive free advertisement.

As you can see, this technique can increase your exposure and help you get more clients. You can read about other effective marketing techniques from my other articles on this series.

Remote Work

If you don’t have an online business, you can always apply for jobs that do not require your on site presence. This is true for those who freelance and offer online marketing such as: SEO, PPC Ad Management, Social Media Marketing and Video Creation Service.

Outsource Work

If you don’t have an online business, you can always apply for jobs that do not require your on site presence. This is true for those who freelance and offer online marketing such as: SEO , PPC Ad Management, Social Media Marketing and Video Creation Service.


COVID-19 has accelerated the trend these days. With more users turning to online shopping, businesses should do the same. Your ecommerce business must have an online presence through optimizing for search engines. It helps with shifting gears and grow your online presence and sales.

Launch New Product Lines or Service

During the lockdown more people need someone or company to provide help with grocery shopping, test deliveries during the lockdown and more. There are not enough services online in such nature. Based on my research we do not have enough Real Estate short let businesses in Europe that provide COVID-19 package during 10 days quarantine for travelers. Real Estate companies and letting agencies do not understand the profitability and significance of such service. When lockdown is over, the need is growing more. There are some government hotels where travelers can stay, but they are always over-booked, why not opening a sector in hotel and Airbnb business that provides stay including COVID-19 test service for day 2 and day 8 and grocery shopping for professional travelers on low budget? This will increase sales and profit during pandemic and makes your real estate business unique. This is how you outrank your competitors.

In conclusion it is fair to say that your website matters when it comes to online sales. If your website does not offer the functionality that consumers expect, often they will go elsewhere and not come back.


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