Avoid Glorifying Sycophant People in Your Work Environment

A majority of the time, it isn’t the quiet over achiever that needs to be let go, but the empty heartless boss in a suit that needs to be let go. They tend to reach the pinnacle of incompetence in a very special way. Of course we also have the brown-nosing backstabber that spends hours upon hours of the day kissing the tail end of the higher up, talking about nothing, and getting rewarded for several hours of hard work a day when in reality they just keep busy and accomplish little or no actual work.


Now let’s talk about the real workers, I’m talking about the ones who make up the backbone of the company, they’re typically the ones that get let go most often. They get let go because of incompetent bosses and sycophant people who have the influence to make things happen in the company when they shouldn’t be allowed to even use a stapler.

Realistically the cause of layoffs today isn’t that people aren’t letting their true light shine, they aren’t holding back from their true potential and their abilities, they are actually achieving and becoming more competent than their bosses which is taken as a threat and results in being let go by a boss who couldn’t really figure out where to place them in the first place.

Sycophant boss

This is why sycophant people should never be promoted or praised. This is why the people that needs to be cherished and respected, are the people who are honest and giving the company a hard day’s work. The work place needs less and less Judas and more men and women with human qualities, the people who are honest, hardworking and intelligent. They are the workers, who should be glorified, and glorification of these workers will result in work and goal oriented people in the work environment. They will be the ones who can carry the company to new heights and miracles happen.

We need to stop giving praise to the dishonest greedy mongers who bring people down and are basically just empty space in the work area. These negative people can hinder an entire company, and in most cases are very good at hiding their laziness and hidden agendas. These people need to be filtered out in order to give a healthy, fair, and attractive work area that is motivating and able to give people a chance for advancement. All in all it’s important to never support the sycophant and instead promote honest and fair teamwork in the work area in order to take companies to new heights of success. While this may seem like common sense, it’s still something that needs to be worked on in most businesses.