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  • Sandra Martin

    Thanks Maria for sharing your thoughts.

  • Ricky P. Hellwig

    Twitter is absolute dross. Social media generally has done little positive and a great deal negative for discussion and learning.

  • Monnie D. Thomas

    “Trump uses his Twitter account to set hate mobs on private citizens, attempt to silence journalists who write unfavorably about him, lie to the American people and bulldoze complex diplomatic relationships with other world powers.” Media, taken over by fascists: No surprises there.

    • Maria

      Have you noticed how Jack Dorsey changed the entire Twitter policy after his meeting with Trump a couple of months ago? Now he is Trump’s bitch! He is such a hypocrite and i was wrong about him. Dorsey ( Twitter’s CEO) doesn’t care about his social platform’s security processes. Everything they publish on their platform about customer care,usability and algorithm updates are bunch of lies. It’s funny how he keeps fake accounts of Hollywood celebrities and politicians and brags about disabling fake twitter accounts! lol

  • Juan Lovelace

    If a service isn’t performing up to your standards, stop using it.

    • Maria

      Yes. absolutely. I contacted some A.I influencers and let them know about the problem.They told me they ‘re sorry i won’t be using Twitter anymore.

  • Robert M. Blocker

    I stopped using Twitter a couple of years ago; I had been an eager user for a long time but my eyes were finally opened to the shallowness of the content and also their problematic policies. I knew people who complained about harassment on Twitter, and how they didn’t do anything about it on a corporate level. I said the best policy then was to leave, that dealing with Twitter was not worthwhile if they were not going to enforce their own rules. The folks I knew insisted on using Twitter and sometimes acted as if they were forced to use it, and I finally lost interest. I deactivated my account.

    • Maria

      Twitter was ok back in 2015, then after Trump’s election in 2016 everything got changed. Twitter got filled with fake bot generated accounts of politicians, celebrities and hackers. I used to sell on Twitter a few years ago but everything got stopped after 2016 cause real businesses were using Facebook and instagram the most. When my account got hacked for the 10th time 2 months ago( I had the strongest password, hacker used brute force attack), i found it useless to get it back. Twitter asked me to upload my ID again and i never replied. Twitter was never profitable anyway and it’s time to focus on social media platforms including the blockchain ones where you can see some return on investment, right?

  • Dorothy M. Bennett

    Never had a Twitter account myself, and I think I was on Facebook for a few months several years ago; just don’t see the appeal for the either one, myself. Twitter is a waste of time.

  • Marcia Powell

    Oh, I quit Twitter long ago. But I haven’t seen writers straight up come out and say “It’s Time to Quit Facebook.” I’d love to be proven wrong, I’m convinced i get too much good traffic from Facebook shares and ads. Forget about Twitter.

    • Maria

      Facebook has implemented really good A.I lead generation processes which have generated sales for us.

  • Robert L. Vandenbosch

    If no one but trolls/bots/Nazis use Twitter, it becomes the next Reddit: things the majority of the population do not give two shits about.