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  • Russell S. Albert

    It can be difficult to have a 2 way conversation with someone, people forget to check when they are mentioned, conversations are broken or confused easily.
    Twitter may up and block your messages from search so you are talking to a wall when you think you are speaking to the world.

    • Maria

      Twitter is shooting at its own foot.? Twitter promotes divisiveness. There are also newer players such as Vero and Musical.ly who are vying for a share of the same pie. Hence, Twitter faces a long road. Many marketers and companies will start caring when their accounts for no reason get suspended. I wouldn’t use Twitter, it’s waste of time and money.

  • Susan B. Colon

    I am sure you give him a good lesson. I have been using twitter for over 2 years now and I was getting all stressed out about Twitter filtering me from search (where your tweets cannot be found by others). This is actually something that started about 8 months ago but Twitter support is non-existent.

    • Maria

      Whether it’s an algorithm glitch, a competitor used many accounts with different IP addresses and reported you or a hungry hacker wants to blackmail you, Twitter won’t last long if Jack Dorsey and his fellow partners continue running Twitter with all its A.I programming issues. Someone should encourage him to hire real A.I and machine learning engineers. Twitter is operating by bots. They have enough budget to hire human customer support. You know what? One day someone buys Twitter and it all will be over. I mean think about it. How many SEOs back in the day were defending Google Plus? I kept saying it won’t last long. Now where is it? Twitter, Facebook and all other centralized social networks will be gone in a few years. All of them. Read my article about smart web.

  • Robert Anderson

    You did the right thing or the hacker would have done worse.

    • Maria

      Threatening email asking for bitcoin, getting my social media account suspended, blackmailing, ransom and/or anything illegal against me, don’t work on me. Some people take my kindness and respect for others for granted and want to abuse me. I am not scared of anything. These things don’t cripple my online activities. I never give up unless i choose to stop doing what i am doing. Nobody is born to stop me from what i am doing. Whoever tries my patience, will face consequences. Those who tasted it, know what i am talking about.

  • Albert Bassett

    These hacking tools are too expensive. So whoever did it, must be working at a cyber security company. You should sue him if you find the guy

    • Maria

      I have my suspicion, I trigger him to show up and when he does we will see what happens. He’s probably a 17 or 18 years old boy and got his hands on a hacking tool and makes money off of hacking by blackmailing influencers. I think he has done it before and made money. So he tried to test the water and see if his tactic works on me.

  • George L. Foster

    Great article as usual. You have been addressing a lot of issues related to A.I, cyber security and digital marketing. Some people have become so desperate that now they threat influencers to make money.

    • Maria

      You are right. They are either desperate or got paid by someone else to do it: a blackmailer.

  • Alethea Goldberg

    WOW! This can happen to anyone. Thanks for sharing.

    • Maria

      No account is safe as long as Twitter has security issues. It’s easy to manipulate data by hacking to a user’s Twitter database and modify things. Snowden joined Twitter and in less than one hour more than one million accounts got added to his account. It doesn’t matter how famous you are, adding more than one million in less than one hour is an act of hacking into Twitter database. I don’t trust a hacker.

  • Ron S. Roman

    I have been following you since 2009. Loved all your tweets, especially your motivational quotes. Sometimes when I am depressed I read them

  • Veronica Spiers

    Whoever hacked your Twitter must really be jealous of you, Maria. You’re so intelligent, kind, loving and knowledgeable person. You didn’t deserve it. Jealousy is a bad beast.

  • Gerald A. Ruby

    I stopped using it. It has become a nearly useless tool, overrun by chatter and incoherent missives of daily nonsense, overt narcissism, and celebrity worship.

  • Laura A. Craig

    Sorry about what happened to your Twitter account. We miss you on Twitter.