Jesus Christ‘s Message About Coronavirus

On March 21st, 2020 there was an EVP session with Jesus Christ and here is His message to us in regards to Coronavirus and what we should do.

Don’t fall for the fear, panic, brainwashing techniques and manipulation which are being used by those minorities who are benefiting from your fear.  This is just one of the many reasons why they released it in the first place. Fear opens the doors for those who are running this world to control you. This is why they created this fear and isolation to get you to whatever direction suits their own interest.

Coronavirus was the best tool for them to gain control over masses, break down unwanted structures, institutions and reduce the massive expenses of extremely high population of elders who are no longer contributing to the wealth of those men of power.

Photo:© copyright Painting of Real Jesus Christ by Akiane Kramarik

Fear is a natural tool that keeps you safe from being hurt. However when panic is installed into your hearts intentionally, it causes you to go to anxiety mode. It usually results into ego and people become threat to each other instead of helping one another.

Being in fear is a dangerous state to be in. It only leads to more panic and spreading the virus even more.

Life is not about survival, but the quality of life. It is about self expansion and self discovery. It is about beauty and creation.

It is important to look at the spiritual reasons behind this occurrence and what it is supposed to teach us. We have to expand our souls as human and return to our essence which is LOVE! This is the spiritual purpose behind this event!

This panic attack is not really necessary. Every year there are more than 600000 respiratory death globally which are associated with seasonal influenza (flu), millions of people die because of flu virus, thousands of people die of hunger and starvation everyday and yet no panic sensing and no actions being taken to stop these pandemics.

The reason why the world no longer reacts to these threats is because people have been used to hearing about them and they have become desensitized to them. When humans become familiar with these threats those who created them, can no longer profit from it financially. Because no human panic is created from what we are familiar with. This is why they can no longer abuse it.

Mankind has become cold and distant from each other for far too long. Through your search on earth you should rediscover yourself. You all are one family, but on earth you all have become stranger to each other even within your own families.

As a human collective and from a human perspective, you are experiencing the illusion of distance and separation for some time now. And yes it is an illusion because energetically and spiritually you all are one being!

You stopped living as helpful communities a long time ago and you have become ego driven, disconnected and conspicuously uninvolved with each other. You are mainly focused on hurting each other through judgment and verbal attacks from the safety of behind screens on social media in order to create false sense of control.

Your connection and communication are solely through social media and technical devices which have created more loneliness and separation than ever before.

Now this virus has forced all of you to ultimate state of disconnect because human  physical touches have been put on hold in many countries. You have to understand when human goes to state of disconnect not just humans but all living species such as beautiful animals and plantation will be suffering from it.

Every living creature suffers from this disconnection. You no longer see earth, animals and plantation as part of you. And therefore you manifest destruction, abuse of your home and creatures that are inhabited it.

So let’s get back to the spiritual reason of this global effect. This virus forced you to slow down and reflect upon your life, your dreams and upon your awakening process. The human race is going through a lot of energetic changes.

A lot of people are moving slowly through high vibrational frequencies in a dimensional plane which is against those who rule this world. Because they are losing gripe of control over all of you.

Place your focus on what you want. When you stop being in state of resistance and start being in the frequencies of acceptance, you can focus your energies on what you do want in life and in doing so you can manifest a better tomorrow. This will create more abundance, joy and prosperity. You become more loving toward yourself and outside of yourself.

Are you ready to start embracing the love and creating the limitless possibilities that God has installed within each and every one of you? OR will you continue to falling prey to fear that others manifest within you and in doing so to create the illusion of safety, more fear and suffering within the world you are living in?

You have to be united from love if you want to see changes. Whether you like it or not, you as a collective create suffering in this planet by decisions you make, choices, your emotional and thought processes consciously or unconsciously through fear.

You all have the power to choose to respond from the source of love or fear. You have the power to make changes inside and out. You are capable of doing the inner work and release all judgment,fear, violence and all lower frequencies that hold you down and create more suffering and pain.

You have the power to take the best interest as a part of your own without sacrificing your own best interest, because you are capable of mastering the art of love and compassion, so choose love above all else.

May blessings and peace be experienced by you all.

My love to you!

-Jesus Christ



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  • Heather D. Hall

    I love Jesus the Christ!

  • Jennifer Burkey

    He is indeed the savior! Amen!

  • Santos C. Morris

    The summary message of Jesus is to think positive, be nice to each other, help each other, love each other as we all are one family and don’t pay attention to government and stream media’s BS. Stay away from Twitter the source of all evil and fake news.

  • Joshua Johnson

    I believe in Jesus!

  • Jo D. Plunk

    I do believe He is coming!

  • Dorothy P. Evans

    I wish I was in the EVP session and hear Jesus’s voice!

  • Kenneth Robinson

    Great EVP session and message. Thanks Maria!

    • Maria

      You are welcome. It is amazing that Jesus is among us and provides guidance and pieces of advice in regards to the current situation. He reaches us at the right time. It was an amazing EVP session and I heard his voice in two places when he said “Life” and “my love to you”. He has a beautiful poetic voice.

  • Janie F. Wright

    Fear leads to destruction well said, Jesus!

    • Maria

      Yes indeed. That’s why Jesus wanted to reach us and let us know not to fear. He has not given up on teaching us. He is our true teacher.

  • Laurie Huber

    Great advice

  • Juan T. Prewitt

    Thank you Jesus for comforting us and providing advice

  • Sean Collins

    Jesus Christ has the point.

    A lot of people are moving slowly through high vibrational frequencies in a dimensional plane which is against those who rule this world.

    What does he mean by dimensional plane?

    • Maria

      Many fundamental tasks in mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, graph theory, and graphing are performed in a two-dimensional space, or, in other words, in the plane. The Dimensional Planes of Existence are the different planes that comprise the universe as we know it. These planes were created at the time of the universe’s creation, and are connected in some way or another, whether through abilities created or gifted onto the residents of one of the planes or phenomena that occur on the different planes. There are 5 dimensions:

      The First Dimension or the Mental Plane aka. the Emotional Spectrum is the least complex of them all, as it is simply a manifested form of all emotions and thoughts of living beings, mundane, mythical or divine. It is home to several beings of manifested emotions, known as Emotion Titans and Demi-Titans. It is also believed to be home to the god Cthulhu and those within his pantheon.

      The Second Dimension, also known as Limbo, is one of the least complex of all the dimensions, as it is simply a manifested form of all things chakra. It is home to many fearful Bijū-like creatures known as Chakra Beasts that prey on any person foolish enough to transverse the thin dimensional divide to enter their realm.

      The Third Dimension, also known as the Physical Plane, is one of the only places where organic life exists naturally, and is home to the “core” universe. It houses large planets most with some form of life upon them, and the home of the normal Shinobi World. This is the place where the planet Gaia resides.

      The Fourth Dimension, also known as the Natural World, is one of the only places where organic life exists naturally, and it is directly parallel to the Third Dimension. This is where the families of the Summoning Contracts reside, and it exists as a large well of Natural Energy that feeds directly into the Physical Plane via several different methods, such as various portals and entryways throughout both.

      The Fifth Dimension, also known as the Afterlife or the Pure Lands, is the most complex dimension due to the fact that its residences are spirits, the Angels of Kami, or the Demons of Datara, and it acts as a pathway to the wayward souls. No living being can exist within this plane for extended amounts of time without passing on themselves, making it very dangerous for anyone living to travel there.

  • Jack L. Petersen

    Praise the lord, thanks for sharing

  • Delora H. Favors

    I needed to read it