The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Growing Business

A secure minimum income is a concept that has been around at least since the late 1960s. While the merits of providing everyone with a minimum income have been debated for many years, the practicality of the government providing it to the people has been non-existent at least until recently. This is because the many services that government provides already, including welfare, healthcare, and the like are taking up so much in terms of money that simply providing every person with a minimum income seems like a simpler solution.

How to provide a secure, minimum income for individuals who live in poverty? How can it be achieved without damaging the fabric of society?

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

What was once limited to science fiction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become a part of the internet in helping businesses grow. The role of AI currently is to identify the patterns of users so that businesses can better target their advertising and marketing efforts. However, the future of AI is virtually limitless given its amazing growth so far on the web. Here are just a few reasons why AI is having a powerful impact on consumers when they go online.

Better Ad Targeting: You may notice that many of the ads you see are from sites you have visited or products where you have demonstrated an interest. The expansion of AI has resulted in better targeting of adverts that appeal to you.

Greater Understanding: Thanks to AI, you can now find out more about a product, service, or industry in less time than before. Because it shapes your search for information, the AI can provide you with faster results to broaden your understanding of the subject.

Stronger Bonding: AI provides for a stronger bonding experience when it comes to interacting with companies both large and small on the web. This means greater trust when it comes to finding out the information needed for future growth.

The Future of Economic Growth

For those in the low-income bracket, the future looks bright thanks to the many avenues available to help people make money through Microsoft, Google, Tesla, and other companies dedicated to providing economic access to the power. The advancement of artificial intelligence combined with the free market of the internet is today providing answers that governments have been attempting to do for centuries. Big online companies such as Google and Microsoft for example can use their considerable pull to provide the following;

  • Open more opportunities for low income people
  • Provide more accessibility so that opportunities are recognized and exploited
  • Set livable salaries for those who exist in poverty

While the idea of a secure, minimum income has been around for several decades, it may come true thanks to the internet and the ability of large online companies to provide opportunities for millions of people who otherwise would be limited in how they could earn a living.


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  • Daniel Shorter

    Artificial intelligence will help with economic growth in years to come. It takes between 20-30 years.

  • Randy Guerra

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  • Brian Cabrales

    Maria we need your help with ranking our website. Do you have time to work on a new project?

  • Judith Waller

    In many countries, productivity is decreasing because of ageing populations and unemployment and governments are failing to invest sufficiently in education, technology and infrastructure. Great article, Maria Johnsen.

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  • Anna Jordan

    The self-learning nature of AI technologies can save cost for companies. It needs an appropriate regulatory frameworks to support the use of Artificial intelligence. Don’t you think so, Maria?

  • Lashawn Lange

    There are algorithms that can analyze thousands of documents in a fraction of the time, AI can help with automation for sure. The question is how AI can help with unemployment problem?

  • Karen Slone

    Artificial intelligence does have the potential to transform the workplace across any sector. What will happen to people’s jobs. If an automated system replaces human workforce?

  • Melvin Lucas

    AI may replace some human jobs, but It doesn’t mean to stop technological advancement.

    • Maria

      But with implementation of AI, we can create new jobs and give heavy work to robots. This way employees won’t get health issue due to performing heavy work. We can give those kinds of jobs to machine not to human and animals.

  • Kristen Thurman

    In my opinion AI helps with economic growth through innovation. Maria has great points in her article.

  • Paul Ross

    There are significant social, cultural and organizational barriers to widespread adoption of AI .Many people fear that the technology will result in job losses and social unrest. This is why some people are skeptical.

  • Melissa Smith

    Banks are using AI to automate a series of paper-based processes and insurers are applying it to detect fraud and to validate claims remotely. I don’t assume AI is useless.

  • Eva Goins

    I doubt AI can fix unemployment problem, HR and hiring processes have become automated. People take their time and fill out job application forms not knowing that they are wasting their time. Recruitment agencies choose what resumes software pick for them. It makes their job easy. Do they find the right expert for the right job, through this process? No. This is why you see the same job announcement over and over again. This whole job application process has become like a joke. I don’t trust them, I don’t apply for jobs. Let companies spend their money to hire wrong people, why do I care? I created my own work environment and make money. It’s their loss not to hire experts like me.

  • Selma Flakes

    How AI can fix the crime issues? Mostly it is caused by unemployment.

  • Ramona

    Thank you for an amazing article.

  • Jesus Spivey

    Of course AI has the economic benefits, tell it to anti-Ai people.

  • Merle Manzi

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to double the economic growth, I agree with Maria.