Take Security Advice From SEO and Web Security Expert

The importance of search engine optimization SEO cannot be overemphasized in the world of business and digital marketing. Although it is believed that search engines are smart and provide you with the best of information services, they still need assistance and that is one of the functions for which SEO was designed.Why?

Search engines understand very broad and generic information. This is why many of these search engine providers keep updating their search systems with different algorithms. For example Google search understands queries like movies, geography, images etc. This is not what a user wants. Users want to get more information and today’s Google search engine cannot render such information. Every company has their own terminology and data. When they search for such data they get faulty search results. For example a cyber security company creates a search application of their own world or a software company has their own desired search queries which they cannot find in search engine. Because all information are broad.

Search engines can create series of patterns that match against queries. They can use big data to create these patterns. This means that search engines should create database of patterns and match them with queries. These are missing in today’s search engine technology. In my book “The next big Technological Break” I explained how a search engine should be.

Search engine providers should have a better understanding of online users’ world. We need a search engine which can talk our language. I am not talking about human language like English or French, I am talking about the pattern of my search, my world and my data. Google’ personalized search engine is primitive. We can bring to life a personalized A.I search system which is not dependent on typing in search, but speaking and receiving the result in a more profound way. Based on my testings voice search has many problems such as not understanding the dialects and not grasping the voice patterns in different languages, this is why it returns a faulty search result. Let’s talk about why your business needs a SEO expert.

SEO; an acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, is a search optimization service that helps maximize efficiency and speed in retrieval of information, branding, keyword research, website optimization and display of results. SEO helps to connect a site to numerous online visitors who are in need of one information or the other. It makes a website easily located by various search engines and high authority websites such as Google, Wikipedia, duckduckgo, Yandex. Baidu, Bing, Yippy search, Yahoo Search among others. This accelerates the rate of traffic on such site as more visitors are referred to the site. It also helps build a site that is congenial to the requirements of search engines. The result of which will ensure a considerable increase in the sale and growth of such business. Having understood the unequaled prominence of advertisement on the internet, industries now subscribe to the idea of owning websites to enhance their businesses.

Websites are known to be exposed to various hackers who interfere in the activities of the site owners consequently usurping the control of such site. It is an established fact that the existence of hackers remains inevitable on the internet, which is why site owners are forced to embark on hiring cyber security experts to ensure maximum security of their domain. Cyber-security experts, for sure, will help ensure security, but having an SEO expert with excellent knowledge of cyber security undoubtedly gives an unparalleled edge over other site owners. Here is a case study on how I recovered a hacked website and recovered its keywords.

It should however be noted that owning a website online does not help you maximize your internet opportunities without the Midas touch of an SEO expert. With a SEO expert with cyber-security knowledge and expertise, you are not assured of impeccable security alone as a number of advantages accrue to having one.

It is an undisputed fact that an SEO expert understands more than the basics of internet marketing, they are updated and know how to keep your site connected to thousands of internet users. With this, it is sacrosanct that having an SEO expert with cyber-security knowledge helps you not only in the aspect of security but also help expose and improve your brand image online, consequently causing such firm to have a higher ranking and reduce their expenditures on marketing.

Through the intervention of a SEO expert with cyber-security knowledge, you can concentrate fully on your business and be rest assured that the aspects of security, visibility, branding  and the overall performance of your business website are in capable hands who will handle them with unrivaled dexterity. An SEO expert helps the site owner to grow his business and meet up with his set goals.

Conclusively, the need for a website to have an SEO expert with great knowledge and expertise in cyber-security preponderates having just a cyber-security expert in that they are multi-functional and help the site owner get multi-service at a cheaper rate.


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  • Angela A. Shannon

    I read your article on not using Twitter and just deleted my Twitter account Maria. I wasted my time on Twitter.

  • Eric Shirk

    I just landed on this article, I agree with you on choosing SEO expert who knows web security. BTW! I just bought your book on digital marketing. Thanks for being there, Maria.

  • Edward S. Keeling

    Twitter should delete Troy Hunt’s account. The man is a bully. Making fun of people because of their religious belief is never ok. I checked his account and saw his so called followers use the same pattern of mocking people just what he does.

  • Christopher Dodd

    Troy Hunt’s marketing team sucks! Never trust a blackhat hacker. He spent a lot of money on creating Wikipedia for himself. A true narcissist! Someone should get him to take narcissist test.lol

  • Steven Adams

    Troy Hunt wanted your attention, Maria. Sorry to hear what he did to your website and got his novices to bother you online. DDOS attacking your website because of warning people about HTTPS:// vulnerabilities is an act of a coward.

  • Phillip E. Jensen

    Hi Maria! I just read this article and agree with you. Companies should take security advice from seo/cyber security expert. Nobody cares about Troy Hunt and his crappy social media channels. He just wanted your attention.

  • Judith L. May

    Troy Hunt is a jackass. I am following all your social media channels and love your articles. Your belief in reincarnation has nothing to do with your knowledge and expertise in web security and cyber security. I am sorry to read about what he did to you on Twitter. This guy bullies influencers like you. This is his way to get more attention and drive in more traffic to his website and social media channels. You did a good thing to ignore the son of a bitch.

  • Peter Huckins

    I optimize websites and sometimes I come across some guys who think we just wave a magic wand and boom, a website gets ranked. SEOs are hardworking people.

  • Ryan Chapman

    Many of these web security guys are arrogant and jackass. I don’t trust them.

    • Maria

      It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Back in 2015 I wrote an article about vulnerability of SSL/TLS and if multilingual websites should use SSL or not, the article went viral on Twitter many businesses agreed with me and explained their cases about drawbacks of SSL/TLS, then a web security guy whose name is Troy Hunt started mocking me, encouraging his fellow friends to make fun of me because of it. He used his fake twitter accounts to bombard my other tweets which were about defamation and anti-cyber bullying with crappy comments and called me names. One of them was even rude and tweeted that you must take down your article. I asked why? He wrote people listen to you. Troy Hunt who started all this circus, DDOS attacked my website the same day. It took us a few hours to fix the problem. All these mumbo jumbos were for telling people the truth about SSL/TLS. He spread the word online that I have no idea what I am talking about.A year later,in 2016, 11 million HTTPS websites got hacked by hackers. If my article meant nothing why did he create a huge drama about it? He even paid to bunch of morons and called me names on forums and articles. Anyway! Two years later in 2017 I launched a service for hacked website recovery and published a case study where i proved how i cleaned a hacked website from virus, blacklisting in Google and removed hacked areas; he pasted my link on his twitter then tagged me to get my attention and started mocking me and calling me names. He pasted my Mirror UK reincarnation interview under the same thread and sent his trolls to harass me on my twitter channel, they wrote crap under each single tweet of mine, so naturally i blocked them. Then they mocked me for blocking them. He didn’t stop there; he took articles from other SEO experts and made fun of them too in an article. He took one of the same interview about languages and reincarnation on Mirror UK which had nothing to do with it and continued his circus on his blog and twitter, so my colleagues had to respond and remind him what he’s doing is wrong and this behavior backfires. He doesn’t understand that he’s playing with fire and my patience has its limits. Messing with a hacker costs you your password, but messing with an SEO expert will cost you your reputation, your future business and company. In tech world we all should respect each others’ opinion and work in harmony. A web security guy can one thing, but an SEO expert has expertise in many areas. Calling each other names is not the right solution. Of course we don’t expect a blackhat hacker such as Troy Hunt with narcissistic personality understand logic and reasoning. We make sure everybody knows a guy like him online. If a security guy doesn’t like an article, this doesn’t mean that he should call the seo expert who contribute to marketing community and share knowledge pajama boy and make fun of him. That is not called criticism, it is libel and impersonation. Opinions do matter and they require a modicum of respect. Anyway! There will be more articles in such nature in future as I believe people should know how valuable is an SEO expert’s work and time.

      PS: SSL/TLS is not safe. Read this article about SSL/TLS-based malware attacks:

      PPS: During their defamation on Twitter back then, they threatened to suspend my Twitter account.They mocked me & tweeted ” she doesn’t deserve to have a verified Twitter account! One of them wrote to Troy Hunt’s Twitter comment section that his friend works in Twitter company and he will get my account suspended! They did everything to get me to respond to their defamatory comments on my Twitter, I ignored them, Troy Hunt got his friends to write crap on their blog about me, I ignored again, finally,in May 16th 2019, my Twitter account got hacked and suspended. Troy Hunt is indeed a psychopath and still has not given up on something i wrote about SSL/TLS vulnerability issue back in 2015. Anyway! I decided not to use Twitter anymore due to security issues.
      I wrote this article when my Twitter account got hacked and suspended: https://www.maria-johnsen.com/million-dollar-blog/social-media/stop-using-twitter

  • Thomas Flynn

    They heard from some naysayers that SEOs are spam, then all of them blindly agree with it.

  • Quentin

    I have never seen or read enough information about web security.They use heavy terms which need a special dictionary to understand what they mean. They share and promote each other’s articles.

  • Miguel Hadden

    Many companies annual budget got wasted on hiring the wrong people for the job. A security guy knows one thing, while an SEO expert has specialty in many areas.

  • Clinton Swindell

    It’s absolutely a wise decision to give all tasks of a website to a seo expert who knows security.

  • Joseph Jenkins

    Some companies use their in-house seo who outsource to experts. They should train their own seo experts so that they get better results.

  • Thomas Lee

    Great information about hiring an SEO expert who knows web security. Many companies are not aware of the fact that they miss a lot of opportunities for their business if they don’t hire an seo expert for the job.

  • Joann Brun

    When a website is launched, the job of a webmaster is just started; he should do the marketing, social media marketing, optimize the website, create landing pages for their Google adwords and Facebook ads, then start the process of link building and keyword ranking. All these processes take a lot of amount of time and effort. Many companies don’t know the importance of hiring a search engine optimizer.

    • Maria

      Yes i agree, but not every business know it. Digital Marketing processes are time consuming and hard. Without a digital marketer’s help those security companies won’t be able to sell their products and services.

  • Ryan Anally

    I think it is a great opportunity for a business to use a multitasking expert. They save a lot of time and money. Many of these security guys are way too expensive. They mainly use some tools to perform the security processes, while an SEO expert does the job semi manually.

  • Byron Johnson

    Many companies don’t know the importance of hiring a search engine optimizer.

  • Arthur Damico

    There is no doubt about hiring seo expert but some of them do spam the web. For example the majority of these Asians use automated tools which hurt a website and many of them don’t know web security either. However I agree with Maria on hiring a multi tasking expert. It definitely a timesaver.

    • Maria

      I agree. Some of these security guys are misrepresenting the hard work of SEO experts. We make sure people understand the value of SEO professionals.

  • Daniel Ledoux

    SEO specialists can handle many marketing jobs at the same time and deliver impressive quality.