The Death Knell Of Becoming The Next Best seller On Amazon Kindle

So you want to become the next best seller on Amazon Kindle? Here is the truth they don’t want you to know. You have to hit more than 6000 copies in 24 hours. Then you’ll need to sell roughly 400 for print in combined formats. Those numbers aren’t exactly set in stone. Do you want to know what’s crazy? It takes about 6X more sales to top the New York Times bestseller list, and your book needs to be selling nationwide at physical retail outlets. Even if you get lucky and hit #1 on Amazon and #1 on New York Times… so what?

That’s just a single day (or week) of sales. That doesn’t guarantee future success. You should stay focused on a much more sustainable metric: AVERAGE SALES PER WEEK. This won’t happen. Here is why.

There are groups on Amazon who decide who becomes the best seller and who should not. These people literally mark books with one star negative reviews in such a way that the book won’t make it to stay on its niche for a long time. Without these groups’ approval, an average Joe’s book won’t become the bestseller! No matter how wonderful is the book cover, formatting, plot, editing and the whole nine yards, it ‘s not going to happen. I don’t want to discourage you. But the truth must be told.

I have been monitoring them closely for more than three years, their patterns, tactics and studied their tricks. It’s not easy to run a book business on Amazon.Here is their trick.

No matter what you do, if they see your book and feel like it should not be there, they won’t let you increase sales!   These trolls target books which are about to become successful and the bestseller on Amazon. Here is what they do:

During KDP campaign, they download the book, wait until the book gets some quality reviews and downloads. Let’s say a book gets 10000 downloads (BTW! Maybe 2% of those 10000 downloads gets opened for reading). So don’t give high hopes of those free downloads. Then these Amazon’s fake reviewers write some nasty negative reviews without even reading the book. They know what type of reviews stop sales. They have been doing this for a few years and know the trick. If they do that you lose sales and ranking. They bump down the rating and the book stays on the list stagnant with a couple of 5 stars, one star, two stars reviews and sales will stop!

I monitored many good books which came really close to becoming the bestseller, but lost their ranking on Amazon. I did not take screenshots of those books  for many reasons. Those authors did not want to get involved and the amount of those books  were too much that i could not paste all of them on here. Why Amazon encourages this behavior? A group of publishers have taken over the power on Amazon Kindle, maybe the top level management at Kindle department does not know it or maybe he pretends not knowing it or maybe he thinks this will increase the quality of their site and author’s eagerness to publish more  ( from 0.99c to $2.99) books in order to reach the bestseller chart. There are so many assumptions. The reality is there, loud and clear. This is why many small businesses could not make it.

If you really want to get a maximum exposure, there are many online stores and affiliate retailers such as: Smashwords, Advanced Book Exchange,, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, The Book Depository, Borders Books and Music and Powell’s Books.

The good news is you can format and promote your book at little expense by leveraging a strong social media presence and other platforms.

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