• Frank Brunt

    Hiring a social media advertising gig on micro outsourcing websites is kind of tricky.

  • Salvador Dotson

    Big companies charge a lot of money for social media advertising, I use micro outsourcing websites.

  • bradharriden85

    Social media advertising is a necessity and this article provides benefits of it for small business owners and marketers new to paid social to find success.

  • Tory Michael

    I totally agree with Maria, social advertising helps with SEO and increase in conversion rate.

  • Thomas white

    Facebook PPC is fine, but you have to know how to use it. There are a lot of strategies for each niche campaign, right?

  • Robbie Richards

    I heard of it. But like Maria always says facebook PPC gives quick result.

  • vanessa

    Yeah, snapchat is launching ad network too.

  • Monica

    I use organic social media marketing, I am kind of nervous to use paid social media marketing on facebook and twitter.

  • Anita Brooks

    Thank you for sharing a great article.

  • Margaret Sauerbrey

    As a small business owner it’s hard to use paid advertising campaigns. Many companies are selling identical services such as seo, ppc and social media marketing. How do we know which one of these companies is really the right one for my business? Maria I really appreciate if you replied to my question.

    • Maria

      I would recommend following them on social media and monitoring their pattern. If they engage in bad-mouthing competitors,posting profanity and images in pornographic nature, engaging in bullying people, then i would not recommend using their services. You just need to see the pattern of their behavior and decide whether or not to use their services. You see when a company uses fake social media accounts and trashes their competitors, they are not the right people for your business. This shows their dishonest nature of business. If you really like a marketing company, ask questions, see how they reply and if they engage at all. Sometimes i get emails from competitors who pretend to be clients and their strange emails reveal their identity and proves they are dishonest people. Some other time some influencers email me and offer me their services, when i ask for the pricing and more information, they never reply back.What do they expect? That i am gonna pay them and not knowing what i am going to get? They spend time, craft an email then when a prospect asks question about their service, they don’t reply. This shows they are not serious.
      You should also use your own intuition and decide whether or not this man/woman is trustworthy and good to do business with.

      I hope my tips work for you:-)

  • Salim Reza

    Great article on social media advertising