Is Deep Web An Online Sin City

Darknet or deep web is a private network of portals, chat rooms and forums. These are hidden from the view of search engines and regular web visitors due to  privacy and security.

In clear net, there are three main ways that people can track a company or person online such as:

Cookies: these are small piece of script that websites inject in your browser when you visit their sites.

IP address: This is an Internet address of your computer which is necessary to have in order to exchange information between computers.

Finger print: When you visit a website, companies can get information about the type of your computer in order to provide you a full webpage or mobile friendly page.

Although people use antivirus programs in their computers in order to protect their data privacy, however it is easy to run a spyware and observe how data travels between their computers and sites they visit or activities they have on their machines. Why would some people plant spyware in your machine? Because they want you to buy their products by clicking at their advertisement which helps them to promote and increase sales. Some other fortune 500 companies plant spyware to study buyer behavior and or buy their antivirus software. They would not let you know that they are spying on your machine, but 99.9% of software and search engine companies do it in addition to running their sponsor ads via email marketing and the other marketing channels.

The Audacious Journey To the world of Darknet

The world wide web is not just clear net where you browse and buy or fetch data and information. Some people such as, some service providers,  journalists, whistleblowers, countries’ traitors, spies, political groups, drug and weapon dealers and other illegal groups  use these channels  to communicate, advertise, buy and sell, exchange data and information.

How to  access deep web?

In deep web, you need a special web browser in order to hide your IP address and device finger print. The Onion Router (TOR) is based on Firefox and it is easy to use. Why do they call the onion router? Because TOR uses several layers. This is why it is very difficult to track someone through it.

If you want to connect with someone else, he or she should also use TOR. If you want to use even more secure browser, you can use TOR OS,  The Amnesiac Incognito Live System (TALIS) using USB stick. This is a Linux based operating system. There are other technologies such as: FreeNet, I2P (mostly journalists and activists use it), Zeronet ( uses crypto and BitTorrent network)

What’s happening in deep web or Darknet?

Accessing to the darknet is easy,  you can use (The Hidden Wiki ( There is even a search engine specifically for searching hidden services which allows you to view dot onion websites through a proxy – even if you don’t have TOR installed.

Accessing to various online markets within deep web requires taking  a look at DNStats (  which offers information about various dark markets including stats about their ‘uptime’, the technology they use, products and services.

If a user wishes to use ordinary browsers such as, Google Chrome, he or she cannot use TOR, because they would not understand the Onion Router. So if you are a Google chrome, Opera,Firefox or IE user and copy and paste one of those links on these browsers, they wouldn’t understand them. Thus you wouldn’t be able to see anything.

One of the disadvantages of functionality on deep web is that the net loads way too slow due to connection. Because it should connect from point A to B to C …in order to get you connected to a particular forum or marketplace. If you have not installed TOR, don’t  click on some of those links. When you go there, there are various channels in English and non English such as: German, Greek, Japanese, Polish, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish etc. There are a lot of activities going on these sites and you see blogs, forums, chat rooms, buy and sell services from weapon to drug, human trafficking, child pornography, hacking, high classified terrorist activities, and financial service etc.

 Is Deep Web An Online Sin City?

Are all deep web users perform illegal activities? Not all people who are active in deep web do illegal activities. The reason that we are there is for data privacy. If we want to communicate and exchange information on private network, we use deep web and not Skype or any  other peer-to- peer online media.

When you are on skype, someone is watching you. It looks like it’s private, but some people know what you say or do.If you happen to stumble upon deep web for curiosity  purposes, I strongly recommend not to click at any illegal links because they are not safe to use. You should use services which respect your privacy.

For example, Google is one of the main culprits when it comes to tracking people online and storing huge amounts of information about them. Using an alternative search engine such as duckduckgo, which doesn’t spy on its users, can significantly improve your privacy online.

I personally use duckduckgo if i want to search online and find information. In fact this search engine’s usage has increased by 600%. Using search engines like duckduckgo  can also help you to break out of the bubble of personalized search results, allowing you to get a more objective view of the internet.

Another big culprit when it comes to breaches of personal privacy is your email provider.  Remember what i wrote in the beginning of this article about spyware? Fortune 500 companies provide their free email service in order to scan the content of your emails for advertising purposes, and they may also send your emails via an insecure connection allowing third parties to spy on your communications. Encrypted email services offer a good solution to this problem. And of course privacy is arguably most vital when it comes to your finances.

Do governments know about activities in deep web?

Yes they do, but they cannot do anything because every service in deep web or every chat room is by invitation. It’s not open for anyone to enter. So the answer is yes governments and their secret police know about it. We do believe governments should monitor many services in deep web in order to track down illegal and terrorist activities. We are against  immorality and if we can be at service, we will certainly help governments.

Should You Use Deep Web?

If you are an ordinary user, you don’t need to go there. Why would you? You got everything you need on clear web. Use search engines which don’t spy on you and show you real information. One of the disadvantages of clear web is that it can be manipulated by some service providers and companies that are close to monopoly such as: Google and Facebook.

In Norway, secret police monitor Internet and flow of communication channels for security reasons. In almost all work contracts 99.9% of Norwegians sign confidentiality agreement which means if a Norwegian spreads the word about a company without their consent and permission, it will be considered as a crime.

Monitoring communication and information is a must for every government. If you have kids, wouldn’t you monitor their phone calls and Facebook communication? Of course you do. You do it for their own good. Because you care about your children’s security and well being.

In America where terrorists attack 24/7 their cities, it is certainly an important task to monitor every communication and flow of data in order to spot terrorists and bad people.  It is true that America is the land of freedom. We should not make a mistake between anarchism and freedom. Sorry about digressing.

In conclusion it is fair to say that the true sin city is the clear net where people’s data can be manipulated by some service providers and companies that are close to monopoly such as: Google. Illegal activities are everywhere throughout clear net as well. Companies defame each other and search engines such as Google, rank those irrelevant  information on their search engine. Then people like us who provide brand reputation management  help those companies and fix their online reputation problem so that those lies go away. Some companies such as Google and Facebook should be the ones to blame due to exchanging people’s data without their permission.

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