Using Innovation and Expertise as Workplace Diversity Management Tool

Workforce diversity can be very broad as seen in terms of nationality, religion, age, race, gender and ethnic composition. This has brought employment discrimination to those who have unique differences in many organizations. Workplace discrimination can occur during hiring, giving job assignments, promoting, terminating, and/or compensating a worker. It can be shown by interviewers, employers, managers, direct supervisors, colleagues and even junior staffs.

Discrimination at workplace can occur in the following ways:

  • Age Discrimination: This happens when an employee is treated in an unequal manner due to age factor. While older employees may be told to stop working because they are too told, younger employees may be told they do not fit into certain profiles.
  • Gender Discrimination: This happens when an employee is prejudiced because of his/her gender. This mostly occurs when an employer assumes that some jobs are meant for men and are tough for women.
  •  Racial Discrimination: is when the employer treats an employee unfairly due to race or ethnicity.
  • Others discriminatory aspects that come because of National Origin and Language difference which brings discrimination due to differences in nationalities, accent and language. Religious difference and different Sexual Orientation where some employees embrace same sex marriage where others totally disagree. All of these difference discrimination can become huge challenges to any business if they are not professionally managed.

Managing these diversities that can bring about workplace discrimination is necessary for a heterogeneous workforce that can achieve its potentials to the fullest. While most businesses have issues with diversity, successful corporations have taken advantage of these same diversities in creating a fair, non-discriminatory, working business.

There are various reasons why diversity management is very important in every business.

  • It does not only eradicate discrimination and the feeling of being at a disadvantage in the employees, it puts innovation and expertise as the core of operations thereby unleashing the best in every employee. The benefit of maximizing abilities, talent, knowledge and skills is very huge on both the employee and the business.
  • Any business that can effectively manage diversity by adopting new work structures and practices that are different from how things are normally done, has a broader competitive chance both in the local and global market place. Workforce diversity management makes it possible to learn how business is globally done from different nationalities that will enhance corporate performance since every local market is limited.
  • Business managers who are convinced of the competitive advantage of workforce diversity can resolve obvious diversity issues by pairing them up into teams. These teams can be made to work on innovative business strategies that would bring about tremendous global results.

All the above reasons pointed out has made training employees, administrators, supervisors and senior managers on the benefits of diversity management with no trace of discrimination very important to the success of any business or organization.

The differences between every employee and individual must be understood and valued. The positive acceptance of every aspect of individual’s differences is necessary to keep innovation that is geared by creative thinking and expertise in every business that is keen on success.

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