Conversational Search Algorithm

Google’s Matt Cutts posted a video today May 5th 2014 about backlinks losing their importance in ranking. Watch the video.

I do not know how many so called engineers are tweaking  Google’s algorithm, but if they really plan on launching  a new algorithm based on conversational search, not only many  small businesses lose their ranking and visibility, but also Google will lose quality for good. Matt Cutts somewhere in the video mentioned ” when expert users ….”.  Google should not forget that not all users are expert.  We are talking about a plumber who is running a small business, or  a shoemaker. These people rely on organic marketing as well as classic promotion. If Google’s first few pages of search results is filled with Danny Sullivan’s and his novices, would these small businesses find real marketers and sales people who could help them with their projects cost effectively? The first 10 pages of search results will be filled with irrelevant conversational dialogues. It will also be easier to trick the search engine.

Google is a search engine and the majority of users are ordinary people who use Google in order to find information about a product or service.  If they plan to rank a website based on popularity and authorship, then small businesses and many informational websites will be buried in pages 20 or 25. Popular websites will outrank small businesses. They should find a better solution to solve back linking issues.

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