How To Gain Profit In Native Advertising

Native Advertising refers to formatting campaigns in order to make them appear more visible, tempting and enticing. There are benefits and challenges in native ads. The benefit of native advertising is that you blend your campaigns with the content. For example mixing your ad with social ads is a form of native advertising. Billboards are not native ads, because they are not native to the environment. Contextual advertisement is a native ad. Google AdWords was the first form of native ads online. Users type their query on search engine and within a second they receive the result along with contextual ads related to their search queries. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have started their native ads in social media sites. The Newsfeed ad qualifies as a native ad, including the upcoming video ads. In mobile advertising Apple’s iAds was the first form of native mobile ads. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads and other in-app rich media ads also are recognized as native mobile ad.

If you run multilingual digital marketing campaigns, you should apply the right strategy in your native advertising campaigns.Photo sharing platforms such as Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest are increasingly leading the pack in terms of native advertising. 72% of Pinterest users are women and it gets 2 billion page views a month. Instagram and Pinterest owners started to monetize their platforms. This is why users can earn money for their posts, linked to brands directly by large networks.

Many ecommerce companies focus on using their advertising budgets on marketing. For example a start up German company, Zalando, invited me to Berlin a few years ago to discuss about multilingual seo in Scandinavia. We discussed about SEO, PPC and how they can dominate Scandinavia with their shoes and apparel business. I laid out some tactics and strategies which later were used in their campaigns in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. I recommended  some winner strategies. This company’s earnings in 2013 went up to 2.9 billion Euros. Although they are spreading in most European countries, but the problem with them is that they focus on growth and not profit.

Although their edgy ads and modest shipping policy sound attractive to online customers; but they are not focusing on all aspects of online business. They spend less on expert workforce and mostly hire newbie account managers who has no experience in online marketing such as: SEO, PPC and social media marketing.  Such companies will grow rapidly and suddenly disappear within a few years because they use most of their budget on branding and hiring cheap workforce.Paying low to inexperienced work force with a limited knowledge will result to limiting their knowledge management within an organization. When the knowledge is limited, there won’t be innovation no matter how edgy an advertisement is. Without innovation a company runs around a circle and disappears at the end.

Today native advertising should be implemented in all online businesses. This means your company’s ads should look like content.Your native ads can be scaled up in social media advertising channels, content marketing sites, feeds and mobile marketing venues. In order to gain profit in your native ads, you should apply the right strategies. This has the following benefits:

  • Increase in click thought rate (CTR)
  • Turns prospects to customers
  • Increase sales
  • Using less advertising budgets

Native advertising in multilingual digital marketing is a must. If companies wish to be noticed, they need to blend in their ads with content. Because people are tuning out the ads.