The Importance of Preparing Your Sales Force Team in Landing New Sales

If you have ever dealt with the art of sales you know the importance of preparation for new sellers, especially in the art of cold calling. For most people it is terrifying to jump on a phone and begin a conversation with a random unknown person that can ultimately lead to rejection. The fear of rejection and failure ultimately ends most people’s attempts at a sale before they even get on the phone. This is why it’s so important that your team is educated in the art of sales.

There are several ways that you can prepare someone for selling. This can include books and audios by successful businessmen and hiring expert sales people. You can also use scripts, but this is not always the best route as it comes off as cold and impersonal.The best way to learn selling is to simply do it, and of course the more you do it the better you get.It’s also a good idea to have your team listen in while you sell; this is a great way to let them get comfortable with the idea of selling. Another benefit of letting your team listen in on calls is that as you get rejections and shrug them off, your team will begin to see that it isn’t just them that gets told no. They will see that it is just part of the job and is nothing to be ashamed of or feared.

In fact the more you get told no, the more you get told yes in the end. Selling takes a lot of persistence and a lot of dedication. It takes resilience. It also takes a drive and determination, but when a person actually breaks through in selling, they will have learned one of the most lucrative professions known to man. So it truly pays to prepare your sales force team in landing new sales, it’s beneficial to you and your team alike. It’s also important as teaching, training, and learning all will tend to keep a team together longer, and in some cases it may take some time before people have their breakthrough so it’s important to show true and genuine support.

All in all selling is fun, selling is exciting, and selling is hard work, but gets easier the more you do it, and that is the general attitude that must be conveyed to enjoy the sale, to enjoy the entire process and learn from the rejections. In the end it will take effort and accomplished study and action to become a quality and experienced sales person, and this is all the more reason to remember the importance of preparing your sales force team in landing new sales.


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