Secrets to PPC Ad Management Revealed

When someone hears the terms Paid Media, Paid Advertising or Marketing Online, they automatically think of Google Adwords, and in a certain way, it is expected, considering that this channel already represents more than 80% of the total investment of digital advertising. I am not in here to tell you a fairytale about SEO and PPC. The majority of content that SEO-ers and so called PPC advertisers produce online do not work, they are not tried and true strategies. Because I tested them all and none worked for me. I am not talking about 1% exceptions. Those guys are doing a great job on increasing awareness.
PPC is generally profitable when targeting a specific market segment with a relatively unique product, service or offering, and, most importantly, when competition is not excessively fierce. eCommerce owners especially the big brands have “show me the money mentality”. They do not understand the technicality of creating ads and the hard work you put on to sell their products. They think when they put their PPC budget in their account, sales pours in. They expect wonders from their PPC and if it does not give result in the first month, they give up on PPC ads or if they run their ads, they spend £100 to sell a £20 worth product. If your PPC ad is not set up properly, your ads won’t work. If you do not have patience in letting ads run on the ad platform, you should find something else to do. Advertising requires being patient, monitoring and tweaking ads, doing A/B testing, applying the right strategy and understanding what platform works for you. When you run an ad on an advertising platform, it needs some time to gather data and when this is done, you can tweak ads and add more keyword. Let’s go through which channels you can use to sell your products and services for real!
· PPC on Facebook: Without a doubt, a must in any recruitment strategy. We highly recommended methods to build a brand, increase your audience, or involve highly innovative products. Make sure to add Facebook in your eCommerce to make it easier for advertising.
· Google Ads PPC: It is very important that you use a wide reaching strategy in the first month after creating your ads. This is the time that Google learns about your product or service and gathers data. You must be very careful not to delete, change or pause your ads in the beginning. Do not panic if your conversion rate decreases and your CPC get higher. It is normal. The second month after Google’s collecting data from ad results; you can adjust your ads and monitor how they change. The third month of running the campaign should be modifying ads in order to find potential customers. You can also add negative keywords and profitable key phrases. Remember! If you want your ads to succeed your keywords and landing page must be relevant, your website must load fast and your account must have a good historical performance. If it does not, then do not ruin it with creating wrong ads, too much deletion and pausing. Your ads take up to 12 months to get matured and turn to a strong campaign for your business.
· PPC on Instagram: Depending on what type of product/brand you are promoting, we can find quite an exciting audience on Instagram willing to try new brands. Keep in mind that it is a very visual network, so it is recommended for brands that offer products with a certain visual appeal.
· PPC on Linkedin: If we are talking about a more B2B or B2B2C world, we should probably do tests on Linkedin. If you are selling media, office products, work from home outfit ( since the majority are working remotely at home due to COVID-19 pandemic) people may be interested in buying these kind of clothing. Use LinkedIn and be prepared for excessively high CPCs.
· PPC on Bing: Operation very similar to Google Ads, but it only makes sense to enter it if the market share in the specific market warrants it. Depending on which country you want to sell your products in, Bing may be a good option. In certain countries, you will find a significant volume of searches in this search engine, but in others, it is so residual that it does not compensate for the management overhead. Keep in mind that the competition is much lower than in Google, so you will find CPCs much lower than in Google ads.
· Yahoo PPC: Although many consider it a player of the past, the truth is that this search engine still has 1 billion users doing about 500 million searches daily. Yahoo is based on a PPC system very similar to that of Google ads and, as we indicated in the case of Bing, the cost is much lower as there is less competition.
· PPC on Twitter: Twitter has two ad models: Twitter ads and Promotes Mode. The latter offers the option of paying a monthly flat fee. Twitter used to work for many companies before the U.S election 2016, now it’s all bots. The so called artificial intelligence suspend the accounts. Twitter is a dangerous, arbitrary and narrow social network (micro-blogging social media site) that does more harm than good. It is currently designed for celebrities and politicians. If you wish to use your marketing budget to get bullied by your competitors who use fake accounts and outrank your business, be my guest. Companies ‘accounts get easily hacked and all the efforts and money are wasted on having a what? a Twitter account?!
· Pinterest Ads: If you have a brand new product and wish to increase awareness and or sell it, I highly recommend incorporating Pinterest in your advertising campaigns. Based on my previous campaign, if you use the right video and visual campaign strategy, you will be able to increase sales by 75%.
· TikTok: Another means to increase brand awareness. You can use video clips to generate leads through TikTok. For example Nathan Evans was able to sign contract with major music producers and music production companies after posting Sea Shanty song on TikTok which went viral. So if you are in sing and song writing business, this social media site can help you reach producers and production companies.
· YouTube advertising: I would definitely use it to sell the products, especially if you incorporate with influencer marketing. There are people who make billions of dollars/Pounds/ Euro on monthly basis via YouTube. It requires either hiring a YouTube expert or paying an influencer within your niche to advertise your product. Another option is targeting YouTube via Google Display PPC ad in order to sell the product or service. You need to be on YouTube on daily basis, using the right and professional sound and camera equipment and have your customized TV channel on YouTube. It pays well!
· Quora Ads: You can target for greater efficiency. It offers contextual and behavioral targeting options to reach your audience. Quora’s targeting suite is categorized into four categories and includes the following options:
Contextual: Place ads on pages related to specific topics, keywords, or questions.
1st Targeting Types: Topic Targeting, Keyword Targeting, and Question Targeting
Audience: Control who, or what type of user, sees your ad on Quora.
2end Targeting Types: Website Traffic Audience, Lookalike Audience, and List Match Audience
Behavioral: Show ads to users based on their behavior on Quora.
3rd Targeting Types: Interest Targeting, Keyword History, Question History
Broad: Show ads across the widest possible audience on Quora to maximize impressions.
4th Targeting Type: Broad
If you do not use Quora for your advertising campaigns, you are leaving a lot of money on the table for your competitors.
– Reddit Ads: The minimum amount to start a Reddit advertising campaign is $5 per day. Reddit ads are low-funnel traffic with a highly-engaged audience and wildly specific targeting. What niches are suitable for Reddit ads? I personally promoted some of my clients ‘ products and services within software companies, SEO tools, search engines, web security companies, web design and template design, photography, movies via Reddit ads. I was able to generate leads for my clients’ products and services and as a result increase in sales by 80%. If you run fashion and cosmetics products, you should target a part of your brand on this social media site.
· Tumblr ads: Targeting Tumblr can be used to generate leads and boost sales. They use a variety of tools such as: IP Addresses, web beacons, SDKs, cookies, and similar technologies, to support their advertising services.
They use data that receive from other sources to provide more effective advertising. For example, they may use data that is available from public or commercial sources and combine it with other data they have collected or received about a user or the user’s device for these purposes. So it is something to consider for your advertising
· Native ads: Targeting native ads channels help with lead generation and sales as well. There are In-Feed/In-Content Native Ads, Content Recommendation Ads and Branded/Native Content. Native ads have four components such as: design (looks like part of your website/landing page) you are promoting, location ( a part of feed native ads), Ad behavior ( when a user clicks at an ad, it takes him/her to a 3rd party page) and Disclosure ( ad publisher discloses in the content that this is an ad or sponsor ad). In my opinion niches related to family and parenting, pets, food & drinks, fashion and cosmetics perform very well through native advertising. For example I use Taboola and AdRoll for promoting some of my major player clients \ products and it worked very well. I highly recommend using mobile marketing in native ads, do retargeting, tap into the art of storytelling, because people will love it and finally strive for relevancy.
In advertising you need to be creative, patient, on point and use proper sales pitch in whatever language you are promoting.
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