The Efficacy of Transmedia Marketing

The ultimate goal of transmedia is to saturate its target audience with captivating narratives that are conveyed through an assortment of media outlets while utilizing an extensive variety of formats. Transmedia is a dynamic approach to presenting a single narrative to target audiences in a way that is reinforced through an assortment of media for maximum impact. In the bid to engross audiences optimally, you should have a singular narrative which should be delivered through a variety of media outlets. There are  important components that enable transmedia to transform digital marketing while ensuring heightened avenue for involvement.

Numerous brands have made committed efforts to unify their narrative with outbound marketing and purchase of numerous media space. However, there is an accelerated inclination towards innovations that enables clients to disregard various ads with tremendous convenience.

There has been a lot of emphasis on content marketing for some time now. The Internet is expected to enlarge significantly in the coming years which will make its unremittingly growing content mere clatter. It becomes imperative at this junction to explore how marketers get across to their audiences in a very saturated terrain. Transmedia is an innovative approach to marketing that captivates your intended audiences via a blend of narratives.  It’s already being speculated that transmedia would become the leading form of online marketing. For an adequate insight into what transmedia is all about, it simply offers unified and consistent message to clients via an extensive variety of media platforms in a way that is unavoidable.

Exploring transmedia from the viewpoint of social currency

There has been a shift from brands taking the lead role and directing clients tastes and expectations. What is currently obtainable is that clients  are in charge of deciding their tastes, expectations and navigating their way through brand experiences. When you consider that clients propel Google, it becomes clear that a brand’s role is centered on guiding clients while incentivizing them through presents and ideas as they explore.

It is quite tricky for a money-making company to utilize social currency. On the other hand, when the social currency is incorporated into a non-profit organization, there is the probability that a lot of emphases is placed on creating an impressive image for goods and events that they do not remember that listeners desire an impressive image as well.

Transmedia is aimed at offering a united narrative on a variety of media outlets. In its most basic form, a fantastic example can be an adaptation. Even though this is referred to as a narrative system by certain groups, it is worth mentioning that it is problematic to merely adapt a novel into a movie when effective promotions on a variety of social networks and avenues. However there have been media companies who were able to get the message across the internet through transmedia marketing. Offering a narrative on numerous platforms is designed to give the people diverse participation and engagement in a form of storytelling. An illustration would be to encounter the same narrative in a novel, in a movie, in a promotional message or encounter the same narrative in all avenues. Ultimately, a formidable transmedia storytelling and message will advance the concept of the narrative intensely; granting target market a heightened encounter that surpasses what is obtainable if they encounter the narrative or message from just one avenue.

An attempt to give a succinct description for transmedia is quite complicated because it is a freshly introduced concept that concerns the operations of making, marketing and circulating entertainment. In fact, Transmedia was nonexistent before the internet. When you consider the fact that the internet has not been around for a long time, you can begin to understand that Transmedia is indeed a very innovative practice.

Many tools that are utilized by authors, filmmakers and corporations have only been available in a short amount of time. It becomes clear that the scope of transmedia cannot be completely explained nor can its application be fully estimated. The framework and boundaries to the application of Transmedia are currently being outlined by numerous experts in the terrain. It is made known by Henry Jenkins that there are 7 guidelines of transmedia.

  • Spreadability vs. Drillability
  • Continuity vs. Multiplicity
  • Immersion vs. Extraction
  • World Building 
  • Seriality
  • Subjectivity
  • Performance

Owing to the fact that it is relatively convenient to offer a narrative using adaption in one medium, adaptation sits at the core of transmedia narrations. Most times, the way in which a narrative is offered to the public would determine how it would be recognized.

When trying to create a formidably impactful transmedia, it is expected that the person who is attempting this feat is an expert in all of the channels required. It becomes imperative for the enterprise to harmonize professionals from various creative processes and mediums to communicate in a cohesive way. The absence of an inclusive approach will make it impossible to implement a successful transmedia production. The following video is a simple example of transmedia storytelling.

When trying to implement an effective transmedia system, it is expected that every creative facet as well as the process of corporate dimension which includes administration, promotions, and circulations is learned by the individual or it becomes impossible to create a unified narrative that captivates the intended market at a consistent intensity.

Video Creation For Your Transmedia Storytelling Campaigns



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